About Us

We are Unica Global, a Dutch company with a global vision. In 2017, we started developing innovative nutritional products based on high-quality & alternative protein sources. At our head office in the Netherlands we coordinate product development, branding, marketing strategy, finance and logisitics.

Our products are sold by the team based in the Netherlands, by our foreign subsidiaries, and through exclusive distributors in regional markets. The local teams have in-depth knowledge of these regional markets and are well aware of the needs and customs. This allows Unica global to flexibly and effectively meet the unique and exclusive needs of our customers.

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Our vision

We set new standards in nutrition. We strive to be a leading company known for our expertise in developing and commercializing innovative, healthy, high-quality and sustainable nutritional solutions to the market.

Our Mission

Our mission is to be a world-class provider of innovative nutritional solutions that meet the diverse needs of consumers and customers. We strive to develop high-quality nutritional products from the best protein sources. We continuously innovate our products, while reducing our impact on the environment and contributing to the social well-being of the world’s population.

Our Team

Our team consists of a select team of leading professionals in dairy and nutrition. The team has been at the basis of the worldwide introduction of infant nutrition based on goat’s milk. Having an extensive experience in dairy raw materials for the B2B market and in developing & marketing of infant formula based on various protein sources, they took the step to start Unica Global.

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