Setting new standards in Nutrition!

At Unica Global, we have set out to develop nutrition for the future, build on protein sources that make sense to the human body. Our team of experts bring healthy and sustainable solutions all over the world.

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We develop nutrition for the future

We source the highest quality ingredients to ensure the excellence of our products. To guarantee steady supply and consistent composition of our nutritional products we work closely together with carefully selected and reliable farmers and processors. Because we like to share we believe in ourselves, we sell our superior quality nutritional products to third parties and are always open for new collaborations.

Our Brands

Jovie is our nutritional solution for infants. Unica Global developed Jovie with the aim to create the best innovative nutritional product for infants.

Jovie is currently available in Europe and the Middle-East, and is on track to finish a clinical trial to obtain FDA-Authorization to be sold on the US market. We believe Jovie whole Goat Milk Infant Formula should be accesible to all babies worldwide.

The French saying “Joie de vivre” (joy of life) is the inspiration for our brand name Jovie and how we approach the world. New life represents joy, color, and the future. We want to cherish this future together. All babies deserve a comfortable and happy start in life.

Green Goat is our nutritional solution for many applications. We offer a wide range of high quality goat milk products. Produced in accordance with European quality standards.

Our goat milk products are used as an ingredient in a wide range of products such as infant formulas, nutritional supplements, cheese, ice cream, skincare, chocolate, yoghurts, pet foods, and many more. Adding nutritional benefits, uniqueness & quality to your products.

We service our customers in North America through Goat Partners International,
our local subsidiairy, providing seamless access to our innovative,
healthy, high-quality and sustainable nutritional solutions.

Ben Busser

Founder & Ceo

Goat milk has been my passion since 1997. Over the years I have built a successful career in goat milk products and it was time for the next chapter. I believe that there is always room for improvement, so I decided to establish Unica Global with the vision of setting new standards in nutrition.

The team I have worked with for years, who share my love for goat milk and infant nutrition, decided to come on board. Together, we are taking goat milk to the next level with Jovie Goat Infant Formula. With our Green Goat range, we offer high-quality goat milk-based ingredients for a variety of applications.

We are proud to make goat milk accessible to more consumers and promote the love of goat milk.

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